The Cowfish

Another place in the Triangle that I’ve heard a lot about is The Cowfish. For starters, with a name like that, people are bound to talk about it. Secondly, their interesting food combo always gets people excited.

We’re talking sushi and burgers, people. Where else can you scarf down a truffle burger, while your date across from you enjoys a Spicy Tuna Roll? Probably nowhere.

The Food

Because The Cowfish has such an insane variety of food, it was pretty difficult to narrow down what to order. From burgers, sandwiches, sushi and even their famous cheeseburgooshi, everything caught my eye.

Thankfully, The Cowfish understands that you may want a little sushi along with your burger. I did, at least. So, I got the Bento Box, which is made up of a mini cheeseburger, sweet potato fries, Thai cucumbers, edamame and a 4 piece sushi roll- I opted for the California.

Upon my food’s arrival, I was excited with what I saw in the box. Every item had its own separate section. I started with the burger and fries because why wouldn’t I?


In short, the burger was like your typical cheeseburger- nothing spectacular- especially compared to all of the specialty burgers on the menu. But, the sweet potato fries were incredible.

I moved on to the edamame. They were salty and delicious. Then I tried a sushi roll, which tasted like sushi. Full disclosure: I’m still testing the waters with sushi. This was probably only the third time I’ve had it. I’m no expert.

The Thai cucumbers were the one thing in the box I could do without. They had an interesting, but spicy sauce that didn’t complement the other items in the Bento Box.


Overall, I would recommend the Bento Box if it’s your first time at The Cowfish. It gives you a taste of everything, so if you go back, you know what you like.

The Atmosphere

When I walked in The Cowfish, I was greeted with a huge screen of digital fish floating in a tank. Each fish represents a party waiting in line for a table. The next thing that caught my eye was the massive fish tank at the end of the huge bar. I loved this.

There is a lot of seating, from booths to tables and bar seating. We snagged a few seats at the Sushi bar, which has touch screens to play games on while you wait for your food. The whole restaurant is very family friendly. From the play sets and games outdoors to the interactive screens and funny posters inside, this is a place for all ages to have an enjoyable meal.


As I left The Cowfish, I was pleased with my experience. I liked the atmosphere (most of all, the fish tank) and the games. And thanks to the Bento Box, I know next time I would order one of the specialty burgers.



Bonus! Bonus! Here are some pictures of what my friends ordered:

Black Truffle Cheeseburger 
Firecracker Roll (Peep the touch screens we played games on).


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